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Leadership from your core.

Act using your inner power.


Shell behaviour is all the behaviour that you have developed for the protection of your delicate core: victimisation, being mentally strong, over-working, aggression, addiction, humour, fitting in... Most shell behaviour starts out as authentic behaviour: you've developed it for your own protection.


Acting from your own core, or being authentic, is more than anything about being true and honest. Of course, that doesn't meant that you should follow each and every impulse and give everyone the full brunt of your opinion without being asked. It does mean that you have a very close relationship with yourself and others. 
True core behaviour feels very powerful and at the same time open and vulnerable too. This can make it seem confrontational and frightening to others. Equally it can be a relief and create genuine contact and depth.

Corepower offers development processes focussed on personal and professional leadership from your inner core. These processes can mean a radical transformation for you or your team, and lift your life and work to greater heights.

Corepower: Leadership from your core
  • Aggression and resilience training
  • Training and workshops
  • Corepower annual process
Teampower: managing group energy professionally 
  • Team development 
  • A safe school and class environment 
  • Incompany training and courses
  • Teampower training
Tao: from stress to balance and vitality
  • Evening training in Bree 
  • Chi Kung training 
  • Core alchemy: cultivate your inner sage
 Coaching: allow yourself to tap and build individual power sources
Corepower, Leadership from your Core
A Guide to Power, Love, Wisdom and Inspiration.
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Feedback from a number of clients:

Jolanda Duijvestijn
School Director

"Looking for tools for a better understanding of the people, groups, meetings under your leadership in terms of the groupdynamics? Baud learns how to understand the underlying mechanisms in order to be able to prepare yourself better and proactively."
Reinaart Vanderwaeren
Technical crop manager, BASF

"During these weekends I gained a deeper understanding of non-formal learning. For me, the various moments of self-reflection in a team were very valuable and enriching. Participative leadership has also become clearer to me. Baud is also a true example of this."
Peter Pieters
Dutch National Agency

"Baud as a trainer? My experience is that he is involved, experienced, practical and flexible, playing to the needs of the group without losing sight of the topic and purpose, and meanwhile creating an ambiance and giving space. In addition: he can be trusted to do what is agreed."
The person leading these processes is Baud Vandenbemden. Baud has over 20 years of experience in working with groups and teams - both nationally and internationally. He is a specialist in non-formal education and bodywork methods. He has written the books ‘Teampower, alchemie van de groep’ and ‘Corepower, Leadership from your Core’.

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